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New Leaders Council

Meet the 2016 Fellow: Ana Lucrecia Rivera

Ana Lucrecia Rivera


Ana Lucrecia Rivera was born in Torreon, Mexico, a region suffering from water scarcity, lead and arsenic poisoning. A desire to build a better world, encouraged her to study architecture. Still, she felt that her profession was missing a true environmental knowledge and decided to study a MSc. in Environmental Systems. There she applied geo-information systems and remote sensing to pursue research on urban planning topics, including the impact of cities on the environment, vulnerability assessments of human settlements, flood risk analysis, public policies and urban poverty. After getting married and moving to the Silicon Valley, she realized that despite all the wealth and technology, the region is affected with many environmental and social problems. Since then, she has been volunteering for multiple organizations, as her skills have been needed. Ana is consistently active and productive in applied science projects of diverse nature applying a knowledge-based approach. She strongly believes that knowledge is the best way to empower a community. Particularly, geographic information; which can provide powerful insights of a region. Now, she is a student of the Geography graduate program at San Jose State University where she applies geospatial technology to conduct research on environmental justice. Her goal is that her research helps government officials to design policies to build better and more sustainable cities. She desires to be a good leader, but also an excellent member of a team that works for better futures, one in where everyone could enjoy fresh water and clean air, regardless of their social condition, without the pollutants that she had in her childhood.



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