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New Leaders Council


Marisol Zavaleta Martin, Healthy Retail Associate, The Food Trust


Marisol Zavaleta Martin is a Healthy Retail Associate with The Food Trust, a nationally recognized nonprofit working to ensure that everyone has access to affordable, nutritious food and information to make healthy decisions. Marisol implements the healthy corner store program in San Jose, CA that increases the availability and awareness of healthy foods in corner stores through a multifaceted approach including: a marketing campaign to make healthy foods attractive, increasing store capacity to sell healthy items, training and technical assistance to store owners to provide the skills to make healthy changes profitable, and linking corner store owners to community partners, local farmers and fresh food suppliers. Previously, she worked both in the private and public sector working to close the achievement gap in marginalized communities and in business development. Marisol’s interests include advancing food access and education, immigration reform, and building a sustainable future. Marisol was raised in San Jose, California and attended Santa Clara University where she got her bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Information Systems. In her spare time, Marisol enjoys strength training and any outdoor activity that feeds her love of nature.

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Carina Bustos, Partner Engagement & Success Specialist, Anita Borg Institute


Carina grew up in East Palo Alto, California, an impoverished community where she was exposed to violence and a failing educational school system, which ignited her passion for social justice. She is a recent graduate from Occidental College, who majored in Critical Theory & Social Justice and studied Post-Genocide Restoration & Peace Building in Rwanda. Carina aspires to create systemic change to end intergenerational poverty through cross-sector partnerships with business, non-profit, and government leaders. Carina is a Partner Success & Engagement Specialist at Anita Borg Institute, a non-profit organization that strives to recruit, retain, and advance more women in technology. Carina works with fortune 500 companies to help implement effective gender diversity strategies to create more inclusive spaces for women technologists. Carina is passionate about a diversity of issues including increasing the percentage of women and minorities that pursue careers in technology, increasing the population’s financial literacy and creating more sustainable affordable housing options to address wealth inequality. In the future, Carina plans to obtain a dual degree in business administration and urban planning. On her free time, Carina enjoys reading, learning about local politics, exploring the outdoors and taking boot-camp classes at the gym.

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Ana Lucrecia Rivera


Ana Lucrecia Rivera was born in Torreon, Mexico, a region suffering from water scarcity, lead and arsenic poisoning. A desire to build a better world, encouraged her to study architecture. Still, she felt that her profession was missing a true environmental knowledge and decided to study a MSc. in Environmental Systems. There she applied geo-information systems and remote sensing to pursue research on urban planning topics, including the impact of cities on the environment, vulnerability assessments of human settlements, flood risk analysis, public policies and urban poverty. After getting married and moving to the Silicon Valley, she realized that despite all the wealth and technology, the region is affected with many environmental and social problems. Since then, she has been volunteering for multiple organizations, as her skills have been needed. Ana is consistently active and productive in applied science projects of diverse nature applying a knowledge-based approach. She strongly believes that knowledge is the best way to empower a community. Particularly, geographic information; which can provide powerful insights of a region. Now, she is a student of the Geography graduate program at San Jose State University where she applies geospatial technology to conduct research on environmental justice. Her goal is that her research helps government officials to design policies to build better and more sustainable cities. She desires to be a good leader, but also an excellent member of a team that works for better futures, one in where everyone could enjoy fresh water and clean air, regardless of their social condition, without the pollutants that she had in her childhood.

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Darya Larizadeh, Policy Research Consultant


Darya Larizadeh is a policy research consultant. Her work focuses on criminal justice reform and women’s rights. After graduating from the University of San Francisco School of Law in 2011, Darya spent two years representing indigent clients in criminal court at the San Francisco Public Defender’s Office and in private practice. Since that time she has devoted her efforts to creating meaningful change in the criminal justice system through her work at the Chief Justice Earl Warren Institute on Law and Social Policy at U.C. Berkeley. Her research has focused specifically on wrongful convictions in California, probation department sentencing recommendations, and the quality of representation for indigent juveniles. She is the co-author of “CRIMINAL (IN)JUSTICE: A Cost Analysis of Error in California’s Criminal Justice System,” Rebecca Silbert, John Hollway, and Darya Larizadeh, The Chief Justice Earl Warren Institute on Law and Social Policy at UC Berkeley School of Law (Forthcoming). In addition to her criminal justice work, Darya has also advocated on behalf of women and other marginalized groups. Abroad, Darya spent time in India working with the Karnataka State Women’s Commission and in Haiti’s Internally Displaced Person’s Camps documenting living conditions and human rights violations after the 2010 earthquake. She co-authored a report entitled, “We’ve Been Forgotten: Conditions in Haiti’s Displacement Camps Eight Months after the Earthquake”, USF School of Law, Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti, LAMP for Haiti. Following her trip to Haiti, she wrote a policy paper for the Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti on the subject of women’s participation in the rebuilding process after the earthquake. Locally, Darya devotes time to serving her community. She currently is a College Mentor at College Track of East Palo Alto and will begin serving as a Commissioner on the San Mateo County Commission on the Status of Women in January of 2016. Prior to her work in law, Darya received a Master’s degree in political science from the City University of New York, Graduate Center and graduated with Honors from U.C. Santa Cruz with a B.A. in politics.

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Sara Ramsey, Communications Officer, Low Income Investment Fund


Sara Ramsey currently works as a Communications Officer for the Low Income Investment Fund, an organization that takes a connect-the-dots approach to issues surrounding poverty and inequality. Investing in nonprofits and community organizations that seek to do good in their regions, LIIF's mission is close to Sara's heart. Hailing from a rural town in Missouri, Sara grew up in a setting where she became increasingly passionate about ensuring individuals from historically overlooked communities were given a voice. Moved by the detrimental effects of dwindling agricultural production and the loss of manufacturing jobs, Sara decided to focus on social justice issues, education reform, and economic inequality. She plans to help address these systemic problems by engaging with them in the political sphere. While attending Stanford University to obtain a B.A. in Communication with an emphasis in political science, Sara conducted research for the Stanford School of Education and worked as a social media intern for the Hoover Institution. After graduation, Sara worked for the Mellman Group in Washington, D.C. conducting public opinion polling and research during the 2014 midterm elections. There, she assisted with the development of media strategy for political leaders, corporations, and nonprofit organizations. One project Sara was deeply involved with included Beyond Differences, a nonprofit dedicated to ending social isolation in schools. The desire to see effective and comprehensive education reform has expressed itself in various aspects of Sara's academic and career aspirations. Believing that education is key to opportunity in the United States, she began working on the Communications and Development team at Summit Public Schools after the 2014 election. This network of 11 charter schools across the Bay Area and Washington state leads the way in personalized learning, ensuring that all students, regardless of their background, succeed in a four-year college. In her spare time, Sara loves to bake new creations, read while sipping on a cup of earl grey, travel with friends, and visit her family in Missouri.

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