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New Leaders Council

Meet the 2016 Fellow: Tahsina Haq

siliconvalley-Haq.pngTahsina Haq, Lab Technician, Reed & Graham, Inc.

Tahsina Haq is a lab technician working for an asphalt lab at Reed and Graham Inc. since 2014 and recently celebrated her second year work anniversary. She enjoys testing and sampling the construction materials produced by her company before they are sent over to other contractors for construction purposes, and recently has started work on learning how to develop new materials for the 2016 production season.  Aside from that Tahsina is also the General Secretary for the Bangladeshi American Democratic Coalition or BADC. She is passionate about helping the Bangladeshi community develop their own unique signature in the American political world, and works tirelessly to learn, create, and foster meaningful relationships in order to achieve this dream.  She had an instrumental role in the formation of and development of the organization, and happily works with the millennial and the younger generation to ensure continued interest in the American political process. 
Tahsina is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Archives and Records Administration from San Jose State University from where she also received her Bachelor’s in Sociology back in 2012. She is quite fond of her alma mater because that is where her passion for helping people, and specially the community was discovered and nurtured. Since starting work for a small business Tahsina has recently developed an interest in the way businesses are run and operated. She hopes to learn more about the principals and practices that are important in the business world, and hopes that one day she herself may open a small business of her own which will be imbued with progressive values of respect, integrity, and solidarity with the community so the traditional world of business as is described by most people will evolve into a practice which thinks of and tries to help everyone involved. A dedicated, resourceful, and passionate individual, Tahsina believes that educating oneself and sharing of one’s experiences not only helps an individual further refine their values, but at the same time also helps to show and provide an example for others who perhaps want to pursue the same path but are lacking or unknown of resources to help further their goals and aspirations. As the General Secretary of BADC Tahsina practices this belief every day, and hopes to refine it further by acquiring more knowledge, and developing a strong network of like-minded individuals from whom she hopes to learn important lessons.
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